The Ros Tapestry Lovers

Michelle Obama Views  Ros Tapestry Panel at Farmleigh May 2011

Countess Ann Bernstorff

                                                                                                     12 April 2013

Object: Ros Tapestry

Your Excellency,

Ros Tapestry (*) was exhibited at the Irish State Residence, at Farmleigh, Dublin, during the first three months of the Irish Presidency of the E. U. The fifteen embroidered panels depicted the Norman History in Ireland during the twelfth century.

Countess Ann Bernstorff artist and designer of above, and her daughter Alexis, would like to dissociate themselves from the efforts of the present Board of the above Tapestry to develop unassociated and irrelevant material forming no part of the original concept.

The narrative of the Norman Phenomenon in Ireland has involved hundred and eighty stitchers and fourteen years of dedicated and voluntary work, under the guidance of Alexis. This is a National Treasure and is to be treated with corresponding respect.

Countess Ann Bernstorff                                                     Alexis Bernstorff


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