The Ros Tapestry Lovers

Michelle Obama Views  Ros Tapestry Panel at Farmleigh May 2011

Letter from Ann Bernstorff

New Ross, July 8th 2014

Dear friends the Embroiderers of the Ros Tapestry,

As you know very well, I am the artist, creator of the Ros Tapestry Cartoons. After long historical studies, I have painted the cartoons you are using to stitch the Tapestries. Moreover, the Tapestries would not be possible without the training, advices and help you have received from Alexis, and the work she has continued with you during now 15 years. During several years also, she was continuing that work without any help of the Board, State or County.

All of you have realised a wonderful work, which has been admired far from Irish shores. In order to give more publicity to the Tapestry I had also participated in many interviews, reviews, papers, televisions and radios. I was also invited to give Conferences to different International Meetings. These actions helped the Tapestry’s reputation. As I said, that historical and artistic work is now well known all over the world. It is considered as a National Treasure. This is why the Ros Tapestry was acclaimed by the President Barack Obama and Michelle during their only one-day visit in Ireland two years ago. Subsequently the Office of Public Works asked permission to exhibit the Tapestry at Farmleigh, it was also exhibited at Brussels.

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New scandal in Ireland ?

After a long delay, the press has described recently the horrible situation of 35000 single mothers who were obliged to abandon their children in different homes managed by religious congregations, and, due to malnutrition and lack of care, many of them were dying as children. Eight hundred bodies were found in a mass grave!

Approximately at the same period it was well known in the County of Wexford, that hundreds of children were sexually abused in different schools, again managed by religious authorities, in which the state had responsibility. Recently the present pope admitted that that situation was a shame. During decades these crimes were continuing without any strong campaign from the population or the political authorities!

The local justice and even the High Court of Ireland gave an example of the “laissez-faire” of the authorities very recently. A courageous woman, abused as a child, didn’t receive the recognition she asked after her claim before these honourable Institutions. But, fortunately, the European High Court finally gave her that recognition.

We could expose other similar or much less dramatic events. However, as we will see, all dramatic or much less important issues have a common characteristic.

Let us describe the situation of the Ros Tapestry in New Ross. ”The Ros Tapestry Lovers” are especially affected by the actual situation of the Tapestry. This is obvious since it is now obliged to be housed in a small, grimy looking, and narrow corridor. The few visitors are obliged to squeeze past fragile embroideries in a very cramped and unsuitable condition, and a pillar blocks the view of some panels…

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A letter from Doloretta Barber

As a visitor from the USA, and great admirer of Irish Culture, I feel I have to register my concern about one of your treasures, which I think is being neglected "The Beautiful Ros Tapestry". On a visit to New Ross I went to see the tapestry and I was horrified to see how it is being displayed, and in my opinion, neglected. I understand that years of labor and talent went into creating this masterpiece. If it is left in the location where it is displayed, it will be destroyed. It is STAPLED to a wooden frame, there is no protective screen to keep viewers from touching it, the atmospheric conditions are not at all suitable for it's preservation. A work of this magnitude should last for centuries but under the conditions it now being kept it will deteriorate way before it's time and this would be a travesty. I urge you to do take some action to see that this work of art is preserved for the good of the nation and all admirers of culture and art throughout the world and that the hard work and talent that went into it is not in vain.

Sincerely, Doloretta Barber

Legal Proceedings

In order to protect her Intellectual Property Rights, Countess Ann Bernstorff, creator of the fifteen Ros Tapestry designs, has taken legal proceedings against the Ros Tapestry Board of Directors.

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