The Ros Tapestry Lovers

Michelle Obama Views  Ros Tapestry Panel at Farmleigh May 2011

For the lovers of the Ros Tapestry

home logo 196saThe Ros Tapestry as a spectacular embroidered work, in the tradition of the Bayeux Tapestry, is unique for many reasons.

Firstly, following extensive historical research work, Ann Bernstorff captures the historical arrival of Normans in Ireland in fifteen dynamic oil paintings, which take into account precise events and representations. It was possible to recognize for instance Richard the Lionheart, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Strongbow as well as the presence of an ancestor of President W. Bush and, more unexpectedly, an ancestor of President Barack Obama.

Then, Alexis Bernstorff uses her expertise to translate the cartoons into embroideries, each of which measure 72"x 54" (137cm x 183cm). Different stitches and embroidery techniques are used to bring  texture, volume and ambiance to these large scale and ambitious works of art.
Finally, the huge voluntary effort and skill of the embroiderers, around hundred and fifty, is exceptional. They were brought together, initiated, and trained by Alexis over the last fourteen years.

This website will evolve. It intends to give much information about the Tapestry, history, events, news, and documents.

It will open a free space for all of you who want to communicate their comments, appreciations or suggestions about the Tapestry. It is our hope that this website, and the participation of all those, for whom the Ros Tapestry Project is a magnificent artistic and historical document and a perpetual source of fascination will protect its integrity and extend its success as a national and international treasure.

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