Our International team of the «Ros Tapestry Lovers» has realised enquiries concerning the Board of Directors of the Ros Tapestry. We are enclosing a summary of several well-established facts.

About management and financial activities many dysfunctions were also discovered: 

This is a shame for New Ross, but also a shame for Ireland.

The international team of the Ros Tapestry Lovers, as well as for all citizens, respectful of democratic rules, disapprove in strongest terms such behaviour. Finally, a total inefficient management of the Company is demonstrated during many years.

Our international team has for mission to protect the history and imagery of the Ros Tapestry and will act in this way against any action from the Board that affect the preservation of the Ros Tapestry, as listed in this open letter.

The team of the Ros Tapestry Lovers


PS. We are not Irish citizens. It is clear that the artists, creators of the Ros Tapestry, are not involved in that letter and campaign.

Cc.  Ann Bernstorff.